The diversity of Berlin

Restaurants, cafés and boutiques as well as the well preserved historical structures form Prenzlauer Berg’s outstanding infrastructure. In the streets between Schönhauser-, Kastanien- and Pappelallee, the transformation of Berlin into one of the most popular cultural centers in the world is visible and perceptible.
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  • 1 Liebling
  • 2 BQL Store 
  • 3 Umami
  • 4 Fischfabrik
  • 5 Meierei
  • 6 Kochhaus
  • 7 Kleine Fabriek
  • 8 Der Fischladen
  • 9 Sexauer Gallery
  • 10 Krone
  • 11 La Käserie
  • 12 Engelberg
  • 13 SOTO Store
  • 14 Zeiss Großplanetarium  
  • 15 Mauerpark
  • 16 Helmholtzplatz

Sandwiches, homemade pies and white sausages: Engelberg serves home-style breakfasts.

Formerly VEB Isokond, today a gallery: Contemporary art is on view in the former industrial hall of the Sexauer Gallery.

Tuna me up: This homemade Indochinese cuisine is one of the best of its kind in the capital.

The best men’s concept store in town: the SOTO on Torstraße.

Fancy fish? At Fischfabrik, fish fans will find all sorts of culinary delicacies from the Mediterranean region.
Not just for Francophiles: La Käserie boasts 80 cheeses from small, seasonal production by selected cheese makers.
In Meierei, guests can enjoy homemade apple strudel and cheese spaetzli in alpine coziness.

Kleine Fabriek on Kastanienallee is perhaps the city’s coolest baby shop.

For young and old explorers: In the Zeiss Planetarium, it’s off to the stars!